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Ken42 to revolutionise coaching institutes ecosystem, provide unified platform for admin, teachers as well as students

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Ken42, India’s super-app edtech platform, announced its foray into the higher education coaching market and is targeting to capture 5% of the market share in the next one year.

Bengaluru based edtech start-up has allocated 30% of the initial investment of Rs 11 crores of the company into this. Backed by Turbostart, Ken42 is a student-centric organization which aims at providing a 360 education ecosystem for students to get the best out of a unified educational journey.

Given the sudden need for digitization across all educational platforms, coaching centres especially for competitive programs are now trying to become tech savvy. Ken42 will assist coaching institutes to embrace new tools and technologies with a personalized solution for each.

One stop solution

Ken42 has disrupted the K-12, and higher education segment by rapid digitisation and becoming a one stop solution for students by providing all administrative and faculty requirements under one platform.  With the coaching institutes, Ken42 is aiming at a seamless transition from physical classes to online classes.

The online classes will follow a similar pedagogy of high-quality personalised teaching. Online coaching has been a saviour for many, everyone can now access quality and uniformed education irrespective of the geography. 

Speaking on the launch of coaching institutes, Ken42 Founder and CEO Ganesh Raju said coaching institutes is a large market in India and since the Covid-19 impact, approximately 85% people are willing to approach online institutes.

“We feel entering the coaching market is a move in the right direction, it is not only the need of the hour but online coaching also provides access to premium institutes for students from Tier II and Tier III cities. We at Ken42 strongly believe that education is above all and without digitisation, students would miss out on an entire academic year. Hence, we are looking at working with key coaching institutes across India and start their seamless digitisation journey,” said Ken42 Founder and CEO Ganesh Raju.

Entrance exam

Schools and universities across the country have been closed since mid-March and competitive exams like NEET and JEE have been rescheduled since. With the upcoming exam season, coaching institutes are gearing up to be fully online and adapt to the evolving times. 

Ken 42 is a complete education ecosystem that revolutionizes how administrators manage their institutions, faculty imparts learning, and how students gain academic and real-world knowledge and skills. Designed to support students at every stage of their crucial learning years, from Class 6 through 12 in its offering for schools, and from standard 12 through higher education and placements, Ken 42 is strongly differentiated from other learning management platforms. 

Conceptualized by serial entrepreneur Ganesh Raju in October 2019, Ken 42 also enables online classroom and exams, certificate courses from universities around the world, and opportunities for personal growth in the form of interview preparation, public speaking and professional skills. 

Educational institutions

Backed by Turbostart a bi-yearly program for early-stage startups that aspire to be part of a unified and encouraging startup ecosystem, Ken 42 occupies a unique position as mentors to the startup ecosystem with a focus on ed-tech.

It boasts a series of strategic alliances as well as long-standing relationships with premier educational institutions and governmental organizations, enabling it to create a solution that is not just cutting edge with unmatched user experience but closely aligned to educational policy and change. 

With its one-of-a-kind integrated platform, Ken 42 is set to disrupt both universities and the K- 12 edtech industry by ensuring maximum student success, without the need of managing multiple platforms. 

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