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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Exponential-e, a UK-based leading & innovative CSP of enterprise connectivity & unified communications services, entered into a strategic partnership with L&T Technology Services Limited, a leading global pure-play engineering services company, to jointly offer workplace transformation solutions to customers working in the post-Covid environment.

In the “new normal” brought on by the pandemic, enterprises are ramping up operations in phases and planning to bring back their workforce, with their health and safety being the top priority. During these times, the need of the hour for companies is to retrofit the workplace with safety solutions on a fully digital foundation that can scale to intelligent buildings/campuses, smart facilities and offices.

According to the partnership, LTTS will offer its latest solution i-BEMSTM Shield, built on the company’s award-winning i-BEMSTM framework, and anchored on Exponential-e’s next-gen composite SDN carrier-grade network & cloud infrastructure. The combination of these solutions will accelerate digital transformation of the workplace, across industries through digital technologies and platforms.

Intelligent system

LTTS’ Intelligent Building Experience Management System, i-BEMSTM is a modular ‘system-of-systems’ platform that unifies all campus operations under one system and focuses on creating digital experiences and building optimization.

To build future-facing workplaces, i-BEMSTM is deploying Shield, a module within the solution that automates and develops smart systems and provides real-time insights to diagnose inefficiencies for quick decision making. i-BEMSTM Shield’s advanced digital interface redefines contactless interaction and surveillance by enabling temperature detection, face detection and tracking, air quality management, occupancy management and energy management.

Exponential-e, a leader in delivering fast, low latency connectivity, flexible and resilient Cloud solutions and world class IT services, will provide the platform for i-BEMSTM Shield to scale new heights of safety at workspace.

The company’s ‘Software Defined-Digital Platform’, anchored on world class SD-WAN hosting the LTTS full stack digital innovation applications has the potential to spawn an ecosystem powered by digital VAS; drones-as-a service, connected cars, video-analytics as a service, AR/VR, gaming, smart cities & intelligent buildings are high in impact & value.

Digital technologies

Every industry is transforming itself through mobility & digital technologies. The LTTS-Exponential-e partnership accelerates the transformation by enabling a platform-based business federated in structure for companies across industries to collaborate and co-create new markets and revenue generating services.

Exponential-e Founder and CEO Lee Wade said the needs of businesses in the post-Covid environment is set for a dramatic change.

“While green quotient and sustainability were focus areas earlier for adopting smart building frameworks for campuses, enterprises now are faced with the urgent need of ensuring a safe and secured workplace environment for their workforces. With increasing customer engagement devices being used to help the modern-day work environment, we provide a software-defined network where functions can be deployed seamlessly,” said Exponential-e Founder and CEO Lee Wade.

Exponential-e Founder and CEO Lee Wade said the company is pleased to partner with an engineering services leader like LTTS and are confident that together, they will co-develop a value proposition that aligns with the present day needs of businesses in this ‘new normal’ world.

L&T Technology Services Chief Business Officer (Europe) Gaurav Gupta said worldwide the most evident trend to emerge as a fallout of Covid-19 are the disruptive innovations driven by new-age digital technologies.

Strategic partnership

“The role of ER&D services in shaping such cutting-edge innovative solutions will only grow. Our strategic partnership with Exponential-e is one such initiative that promises to redefine the smart building ecosystem and we are glad to be the pioneers on this front along with Exponential,” said L&T Technology Services Chief Business Officer (Europe) Gaurav Gupta.

L&T Technology Services Chief Business Officer (Europe) Gaurav Gupta said this tie-up will lay the foundation for multiple industry leading initiatives on smart and secure workspaces and campuses in the near future.

Exponential-e is a Cloud, Connectivity and Communications pioneer with a difference. From launching the world’s first Virtual private LAN in 2006 on its privately-owned 100GigE secure and super-fast Network, to its recent launch of its Software-Defined Digital Platform (SD-DP). 

The company’s exponential-e’s commitment to innovation has resulted in it being recognised as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the UK. Exponential-e has also built an extensive solutions portfolio, enabling the creation of services tailored specifically to its customers’ operational needs – whether that be for Private & Public Cloud, Data Centre, Unified Communications, Cyber Security or managed IT Services.


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