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Mumbai, NFAPost: deAsra Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that helps entrepreneurs start, manage and grow their small businesses, recently onboarded more than one lakh entrepreneurs.

The foundation is now a family of one lakh dePreneurs, the name for small business users of the deAsra platform resources and services.

In the journey of reaching the 100K milestone, deAsra caters to the needs of businesses from various sectors such as food, beauty, fashion, etc. From business planning to business growth, deAsra provides growth catalysing resources that accelerate entrepreneur journeys from start to end. 

With deAsra’s dedicated Platform for MSME, the team onboards 5,000 new business users every month across India.

Commenting on the achievement, deAsra CEO Pradnya Godbole said reaching the 100K dePreneurs milestone quickly was possible due to the platform resources being online.

Business service

“We help small business owners from any place, at any time. Access to more than 40 business services that are typically required in a business journey is mapped out and accessible at,” says deAsra CEO Pradnya Godbole.

On this occasion of crossing 100K beneficiaries, deAsra announces the ‘Back on Track’ programme. A unique FREE Program for 20 B2C businesses from cities of Maharashtra. The program will enable 20 small businesses to get back on their feet with an extensive 8-week program, with only 4 hours per week required from the participant small business owner. 

The 8-week Online Program will include

  • Expert-led workshops on digital marketing & cash flow management
  • One-on-one action planning and reviews with mentors 
  • Exciting rewards for the top 3 with the most growth

deAsra aims to fast-track the recovery process of businesses in cities of Maharashtra by focusing on increasing their customers and their cash in hand.

Back on Track initiative

The MSME sector has been hit the most due to the ongoing pandemic and large percent of Indian small businesses have been adversely affected due to the lockdown.

The new normal requires a different way for businesses to operate, and businesses need to adapt and learn new techniques quickly in order to recover and thrive again.

This programme attempts to accelerate this recovery process and get businesses back on track to succeed in the new normal. The participant businesses will get an opportunity to talk about their journeys and business on deAsra’s social channels.

Top 3 businesses which show the most growth at the end of the 8-week Program will receive a cash reward of 75k, 50k and 25k respectively, Rs 10K worth deAsra’s service credits along with Social Media Marketing package for 3 months worth Rs 20K. 

The reward also includes an Online Store Subscription for 1 year worth Rs 10K. The application has started for the Back on Track program. Small businesses from Maharashtra who wish to apply for the program can visit

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