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Eduguy Career Predictive Test (ECPT) Enables Students to Choose the Right Career Path based on their skillsets and interests

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Eduguy Career Predictive Test (ECPT) has finally gone live after its grand global launch on 5th September, Teacher’s Day. In view of the prevailing pandemic and lockdown situation, the launch was conducted on the virtual platform. Dr. Suborno Bose, the CEO of Eduguy, launched the ECPT in the virtual presence of students, teachers, and principals of prestigious schools and institutions of the world.

ECPT LaunchConceptualised by Dr. Suborno Bose and his team and designed with the help of advanced technology and expertise at IBM, the ECPT promises to change students’ lives by helping them find positive direction based on their aptitude, interest and skills.

“Sometimes children write all sorts of exams and choose something where they have qualified without thinking whether it is suitable for them or not. We want to change that mindset,” said Dr. Bose. “If someone’s skills is towards accounting, engineering, data science or cyber security, we want to give them suggestions and not force it upon them,” he added.

“I think all of us have gone through that predicament, what is the right career, this would be an invaluable tool that would enable all these kids at least to get some guidance,” said Sandip Patel, the MD of IBM, India and South East Asia.

Launch of ECPT can be seen at

How ECPT Helps Students?

ECPT is the world’s most technologically advanced career prediction method designed by IBM, the leaders in AI and Deep Learning. The test helps students identify their own skills, aptitude and interests and therefore determine the right career option. Students can  takes the test after Class VIII or can also choose to take it after Class XII.

The ECPT is a 120-minute test that includes three sections on Personality, Aptitude and Interest. Every test is independent and it is necessary to take all three tests together to get best results. The AI-driven application instantaneously shows results. ECPT is also effective for professionals considering a job change.

ECPT Test can be taken at

How Eduguy Works?

Eduguy, under Indismart Digital started operations earlier this year bringing to students many pathbreaking and unique initiatives. The ECPT was designed to help anxious and distressed students decide their career choices amidst uncertainty and tension about their future.  Where students are unaware of the vast career options open for them, Eduguy connects them to over 14,000 career options that students can pursue, depending on their aptitude and skillsets.

Eduguy is a course and specific stream counselling venture for the students looking for careers and related admissions through analysis made by its exclusive tools which is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) from IBM.

Students undertake a psychometric test and based on their answers, artificial intelligence suggests various courses or professional lines that fit best for the students. Furthermore, based on their personality traits, the Attitude, Aptitude and Aspirations, the application suggests 3 top options of career choices as per Artificial Intelligence with a scientific explanation as to why the AI has suggested those career choices.

This is being termed as the biggest Education Disrupter in recent times.

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