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Bengaluru, NFAPost: As part of its game plan to go global, Israel headquartered Global cyber education company Cybint announced that it has established a partnership with India’s Astraea Solutions, its first certified training partner in the South Asian country. 

The move comes at a time when cybersecurity trained professional available is badly required as the current work from home culture dramatically changed security landscape and there is immense requirement from client perspective for security solutions across business verticals.

According to the company sources, Astraea partnership will bring the Israeli company’s cybersecurity bootcamp to India in two phases.

In phase one, in line with Covid-19 restrictions, Astraea will offer the career-oriented bootcamp through remote learning. In phase two, the companies plan to make the bootcamp available through Astraea’s training centers in New Delhi, Lucknow, Jaipur and other cities, Cybint said.  Astraea is a provider of tech-driven cybersecurity and healthcare services. 

Fast-evolving field

Commneting on the new initiative, Astraea Solutions Managing Director Kaushik Ray said cybersecurity is unique because it’s a relatively new, fast-evolving field that needs deep, market-ready skillsets to be imbibed.

“The Astraea-Cybint Bootcamp offers a unique opportunity not only for fresh graduates but also Indians seeking a shift to a global career in Cyber Defense,” said Astraea Solutions Managing Director Kaushik Ray.

Astraea Solutions Managing Director Kaushik Ray said the company chose to partner with Cybint because it’s the only turnkey programme that focuses highly on careers in Cyber Defense and role diversity beyond India.

According to NASSCOM, in the rising digital economy, global cyber-attacks along with data protection and privacy laws are estimated to lead to a $ 35 billion revenue opportunity – creating over 2 million new cybersecurity jobs to India’s workforce by 2025.

Job-ready security professional

However, India’s cybersecurity workforce shortage already stands nearly 10% higher than the global average and there is a critical need to address the demand for job-ready security professionals through skills-based initiatives.

Cybint CEO and Founder Roy Zur said the company is proud to have Astraea joining the cyber centre network and is eager about bringing skill-basd, real-world cybersecurity programmes to India.

“This partnership follows recent announcements of Cybint Certified Centers in Singapore and in Myanmar, and we are excited to see the adoption of our innovative cybersecurity training programs throughout the Asia-Pacific region,” said Cybint CEO and Founder Roy Zur.

This partnership follows recent announcements of Cybint Certified Centers in Singapore and in Myanmar, and the company is excited to see the adoption of its innovative cybersecurity training programmes throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Collaboration for growth

Israel Embassy in India Head of Economic & Trade Mission Barak Granot added that Israel is proud to see the growing partnership and collaborations between Israeli and Indian companies in the Cyber Security arena.

“In July 2020, we facilitated the MOU’s signing on Cyber collaboration between the GOI and GOI, and we can genuinely say that change has come following those government initiatives – with more and more companies from both India and Israel are eager to take the relationships forward,” said Israel Embassy in India Head of Economic & Trade Mission Barak Granot.

Israel Embassy in India Head of Economic & Trade Mission Barak Granot wished to congratulate Astraea (India) and Cybint (Israel) for their collaboration and to take this opportunity to Invite all the relevant Indian companies to participate in the upcoming ISRAEL HLS & CYBER 2020 virtual event that would take place during the 14th and 15th of September 2020.

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