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360-degree customer view powered by Artificial Intelligence & virtual chatbot functionality in eight Indian regional languages

Bengaluru, NFAPost: IBM announced that Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd, India’s foremost company in the manufacturing and distribution of head-to-toe products for trek-to-travel solutions, has selected IBM to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as-a-service-platform to drive customer advocacy and enhance customer experience.

The solution developed by IBM Services is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) capabilities and analyses customer interactions with Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd at multiple touch-points. This 360-degree view of every shopper will help the company provide its customers a personalized shopping experience across all its channels.

The CRM-as-a-service solution ties into ‘The Circle’, Wildcraft’s customer engagement program which provides consumers with a single window to get all relevant information about the brands, products and services of Wildcraft. This initiative is part of the company’s growth plan to drive higher customer engagement by understanding their preferences.

Regional languages

As part of this new CRM solution, Wildcraft is introducing a virtual chatbot on their website and via WhatsApp. This virtual chatbot will be available in English and eight Indian regional languages (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Oriya, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam). 

The virtual chatbot will handle a high volume of inquiries, from general FAQ’s to questions about multiple topics including products, policies and procedures and even customer complaints.

Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd Co-Founders Gaurav Dublish & Siddharth Sood said Wildcraft has always believed in harnessing the power of the unknown.

“In the last couple of months, we have been able to reach out to some of the remotest areas in the country to enable everyone to be safe and be ready. A lot of these consumers are first time users of Wildcraft and it was necessary to create a mechanism to reach out to them effectively,” said Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd Co-Founders Gaurav Dublish & Siddharth Sood.

CRM platform

Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd Co-Founders Gaurav Dublish & Siddharth Sood said partnering with IBM allows us a robust technology-driven platform to understand consumers and their wants.

“This will help us make our products better and customise them according to the larger needs,” said Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd Co-Founders Gaurav Dublish & Siddharth Sood.

IBM India/South Asia Global Business Services, Managing Partner Kamal Singhani said the company is proud to partner with Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd to drive customer advocacy for higher brand affinity.

“IBM’s CRM-as-a-service platform has equipped Wildcraft with a 360-degree view to map their customers’ journey – from prospect, to customer, to brand advocate. Every customer will be nurtured at each stage to harness the real power of CRM, in today’s challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic,” says IBM India/South Asia Global Business Services, Managing Partner Kamal Singhani.

The virtual chatbot will authenticate users and facilitate user-specific information and transactions. In addition to understanding the intent of customer conversation through natural language processing (NLP), it will analyse the sentiment of customer responses and transfer the conversation to a live agent, if need be.

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