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Mumbai, NFAPost: TATA ClassEdge announces the launch of assessment solution – TestEdge so that educational institutions can go for their next journey of student assessment.

The company’s decision comes when the world is coming to a new normal after it got hit by the corona pandemic 6 months back, as all are trying to cope up with current challenges.

Tata ClassEdge believes that learning must go on despite all challenges. And when regular schooling is disrupted, there is no better alternative than the virtual medium. With this thought and endeavour to support schools, the company introduced in June ‘Virtual ClassEdge’, a comprehensive tool for virtual teaching and learning’.

Second in the streak was the launch of ‘School Edge – A solution for uninterrupted schooling and mobility in learning’. Now, the next question was – How to assess? To answer this the company introduces TestEdge, a comprehensive assessment solution for assessments. Tata ClassEdge attempt to help schools become ready for online.

Teaching and learning

On this occasion of product launch, Tata ClassEdge CEO Milind Shahane said the lockdowns and closures due to the Covid pandemic have impacted Education in a big way and there are radical changes in the way Teaching and Learning are happening with schools and students.

“Then why should Testing and Assessment be left behind? These are important elements needed to complete the circle of Education for a student – it is critical to test and assess whether the students have understood and grasped the concepts in the various subjects,” said Tata ClassEdge CEO Milind Shahane.

TCE has launched TestEdge to transform the way assessments are done by automating and taking them online. All types of tests and assessments – whether the objective or subjective type of questions, whether end-semester or mid-term exams or quizzes, whether homework or assignments etc.

Student performance

It can be done in an automated manner digitally through TestEdge. This will greatly benefit the schools, teachers and students by saving time, increasing productivity, automated reports and providing detailed analysis of student performance.”

Tata ClassEdge provides an innovative and comprehensive instructional solution that empowers teachers to teach better, with an effective blend of curriculum-mapped classroom activities and interactive technology.

The company’s proprietary instructional framework, the Multiple Learning Experiences (MLEx™) model, makes use of distinct types of activities that promote social and thinking skills in students, including critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, research-orientation and communication skills. More than 1,00,000 teachers across India have already adopted the Tata ClassEdge way of teaching.

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