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A Definitive Guide that decodes parenting of New Age Digital Moms of India 2020’ is a comprehensive study covering 21+ metros& non-metros, 2100+ online surveys and 270+ hours of consumer interactions & expert interviews

Rise of Nuclearisation: With a highly nuclearized lifestyle, a majority of moms are exploring & finding their own way by turning towards social media for answers      

 Social Media Se PuchteHain: 47% of moms trust online reviews & platforms like parenting websites/ blogs for kids’ clothes and accessories  while 42% rely on online resources for baby care products·         

Hi, Hello Ya Namaste: 52% of moms consume online content in Hindi while 34% consume English language content·         

The Warrior Mom During Lockdown: 81% of moms are concerned about their child’s immunity while 71% of them are looking for ways to keep their kids engaged·        

 A series of discussions will  be hosted as part of the launch, the first of which is the CMO’s Roundtable on ‘New Age Digital Moms– what brands need to know’ 

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Ormax Consultants, India’s foremost consumer understanding company and, India’s largest platform for moms, jointly launched the much-awaited report, ‘A Definitive Guide to New Age Digital Moms of India 2020’.

The report gleans insights into the changing face of motherhood in an increasingly nuclearized and digital world and a modern approach to childcare. It also touches upon ongoing trends such as the rise of mompreneurs and the impact of Covid-19 on mothers. 

According to the report, even while living in a joint families, mums are experiencing physical and mental nuclearization of families, which has led to the evolution of their approach to parenting.

Today, mums rely more than ever before on social media for parenting tips, tricks, and advice instead of family members. This bears out in the fact that a high percentage of mums turn to online websites and portals to discuss crucial aspects, read/watch reviews for kids’ clothes & accessories (47%), babycare products (42%),academics (41%), extra-curricular activities (21%) and food and nutrition (17%). 

Shield for kids

With the country under lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19, moms have taken the responsibility of being the ultimate shield for their kids – building kids’ immunity (81%) & keeping a check on their nutrition intake (73%) on one hand, and keeping them engaged in some activities at home (71%) on the other.

Momspresso Co-Founder & COO PrashantSinha adds Momspresso believes that no one understands Moms due to the volume of content that is created, consumed and engaged with, on the platform.

“The study reflects that in-depth understanding and is a definitive guide to the new age digital mom – not only in her ever-evolving role as a mother but also her multifaceted journey as a woman. This comprehensive report covering Bharat moms, not only in tier 1 but also tier 2 and tier 3 cities, is going to be an essential tool for all brands to leverage,” said Momspresso Co-Founder & COO PrashantSinha.

Relinquish control

Interestingly, the study has revealed that modern mums are relinquishing control when it comes to parenting, moving past the dated ‘my way or the highway’ approach. Instead of being in the driver’s seat, new-age mums are adopting a more balanced parenting style.

They believe that they stand to learn from kids as much as they can teach them. The steady growth of vernacular content has also been covered by the in-depth report with Hindi emerging as the language of choice for a majority of mums. 65% of the respondents stated that they prefer watching television content in Hindi while 52% of moms consume internet content in Hindi. 

Commenting on the launch, CEO of Ormax Compass Priya Lobo said the title, “A Definitive Guide to New Age Digital Moms of India 2020”, is about digging deep to understand a mother from different perspectives.

“Ormax has been at the forefront of consumer understanding and behavior for over 35 years, and nothing gives me more pleasure than bringing the voices of mothers to the forefront. Over the years, the role of mothers and motherhood has been changing drastically, and today, more than ever, moms depend on digital platforms to raise their children,” said CEO of Ormax Compass Priya Lobo.

Source of information

CEO of Ormax Compass Priya Lobo said this ‘over-dependence’ on social media as the source of information is creating newer levels of confusion on how mothers should really raise their children – the best practices, is it good enough?

“The experiences of these mothers have stirred me. Having just been on this journey and concluding this report, I already look forward to the next exciting one,” said CEO of Ormax Compass Priya Lobo.

The report is a result of a knowledge collaboration between Ormax and Momspresso, both accomplished names in their respective industries. At its core, the report prides itself on being the ultimate authority on ‘Digital Moms of India’ at a day and age where most decisions pertaining to motherhood and childcare are made using technology.

The study is a pan India research conducted through 2100+ online surveys with 270+ hours of consumer interactions. It covered 21+ metros and non-metros, including a wide scope of mothers and children from working and non-working, nuclear, and joint families across SECs.

Consumer understanding

As a part of the launch of Momspresso-Ormax study, the brand is hosting a series of discussions, the first of which is the CMO’s Roundtable on ‘New Age Digital Moms – what brands need to know’ moderated by ParulOhri, Founding Member & Chief Editor Momspresso and Priya Lobo, CEO Ormax Compass.

This session will bring together top-level CMOs who are Moms from across industries to share their perspectives on the findings of the study.

Ormax Consultants:Ormax Consultants is India’s foremost qualitative research company. Established 35 years ago, Ormax has been a leader in providing consumer understanding and market insights across categories.

Ormax Compass, an integral part of the Group, focuses on supporting brands in understanding consumer psychology and keeping humans in the equation.

Today, Ormax uses its rich, diverse experience of deep human understanding to support companies in generating business growth and mitigating market challenges through its products and services.  

Content platform is India’s largest user-generated content platform for women. The finely-brewed content on  offers support to moms across the country, not just in their journeys as parents but also in their lives as wives, daughters, and – most importantly – as women! Launched in 2010,  is based out of Gurgaon, Haryana.

The platform attracts users and bloggers to create content on subjects as diverse as conception, pregnancy and baby care, teenage and adolescent issues, beauty, fashion, healthcare, and travel.  users can quickly set up their own blog and express themselves to like-minded mothers in 10 different languages including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi and Kannada. The brand has now extended its commitment to empowering Moms financially, with the introduction of MyMoney, a simple way to make money by participating in campaigns by brands they love and use.  

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