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Bengaluru: At last the wait of auto lovers, especially Mahindra vehicles lovers, got over as the latest version of off-road vehicle Mahindra Thar.

The All-New Thar focuses on five key attributes that elevate the Thar experience and make the legendary off-roader an equally capable on road machine.

The five key attributes that form the core of the product are

  • Legendary Off-Road Capability with Superior On-Road Drive Experience
  • Breathtaking Performance
  • Evolution of An Iconic Design
  • Everyday Comfort and Convenience
  • Excellent Safety

Legendary Off-Road Capability with Superior On-Road Drive Experience

  • Enhanced Traction Capability

The All New THAR is designed to approach things even more aggressively than its predecessor. With 33 % higher traction available from extremely low engine speeds, the All-New THAR is even more capable of low-speed rock crawling, high-speed desert galloping and other extreme off-road adventures.

  • 4W Drive With 4-High And 4-Low Range

A state-of-the-art ‘Four-Wheel Drive’ system with the dedicated torque split transfer case provides 50:50 power split. With the mechanical ‘Shift-on-fly’ feature and ergonomically placed 4WD knob design, a smooth and convenient shifting from 2-High to 4-High is possible. Further, shifting from 4-High to 4-low mode can multiply the torque by 2.48 times to provide excellent low-speed crawling and rock-climbing capabilities. With an impressive crawl ratio of 42:1 available on both the petrol and diesel manual transmission variants, the All-New THAR can conquer any off-roading obstacle.

  • Electromechanical Driveline Disconnect (Front Axle)

With the standard front axle disconnect feature, the front axle is completely disconnected when in two-wheel drive mode to improve fuel economy and high-speed performance.

  • Mechanical Locking Rear Differential (MLD)

Finding traction in difficult conditions will not be a concern with the robust mechanical locking differential available on the rear axle.

  • Brake Locking Differential (BLD) On Front and Rear Axle

Finesse through slippery surfaces comes naturally for the all-new Thar with brake locking differentials available at the front and rear axles. The electronically controlled BLD function mimics the MLD function by automatically applying brakes to the free-spinning wheels. Thus, with the great duo of BLD and MLD the All-New THAR makes driving through the hard stuff look like a piece of cake, and propels ahead even if 3 of its 4 wheels are spinning free.

  • Body On Frame Construction With Stiffer And Stronger All New 3rd Generation Chassis

The All-New THAR rides on a lightweight and high-strength 3rd Generation chassis of Mahindra. The significantly enhanced stiffness of the ladder-frame chassis ensures best-in-class ride and handling in both on-road and off-road maneuvers.

  • Suspension

Independent double wishbone front suspension with stabilizer bar and multilink coil spring rear suspension can smother the imperfections of city streets and tackle any off-road terrain that you throw at it.

  • Standard 245/75 R16 Tyres or optional 255/65 R18 Tyres With 789 mm Tyre Diameter

As demanded by the trickiest of trails, the all-new Thar sports the largest tyre size in production amongst Indian SUV’s. R18 variants offer white tyre lettering for just the right amount of visual flair while the R16 variants feature painted steel rims that celebrate Thar’s lineage. Variants with R16 wheels are also compatible with snow chains for harsh winter conditions.

  • Superior 41.8˚ Approach Angle, 36.8˚ Departure Angle And 27˚ Break Over Angles With R18 Wheel And Tyre Combination

Something that clearly differentiates the all-new Thar, is its core architecture which has been laid out to offer higher levels of approach, departure and break over angles, ensuring that no obstacle is too large.

  • First in Class 650 mm Water Fording Depth

650 mm water wading ability enables the vehicle to traverse shallow river crossings with complete ease. Crucial components like electronic control units have been placed at a level above the wading plane to ensure that the all-new Thar conquers all challenges.

  • First in Class 226 mm Ground Clearance With R18 Tyre

A fundamental requirement for any true off-roader, the all-new Thar with its high ground clearance is well placed to take on any hurdle whether in the city, on the highway or out in the wilderness.

Breathtaking Performance

  • India’s First Indigenously Developed BS-6 compliant 2.0L Turbo Charged Direct Injection Petrol Engine – mStallion 150

The country’s first 350 bar direct injection petrol engine with a compression ratio of 9.5:1 delivers 150 hp at 5000 rpm and 320 Nm between 1500 to 3000 rpm when mated to the automatic transmission. Double overhead camshafts with variable intake and exhaust valve timing offer a wider torque and power band and better response. With advanced features like fully variable displacement oil pump, DLC coated piston pin, etc. the internal friction of the engine is reduced to one of the world’s lowest levels.

The all-aluminum light-weight construction of the engine along with significantly high power-output result in an extremely high power to weight ratio. With the exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head, the mStallion is capable of achieving significantly better performance and lower emission levels.

  • India’s First All-Aluminum 2.2L Turbo Diesel Four-Cylinder With BS6 Compliance – New Generation mHawk 130

1600 bar common rail direct injection diesel engine with a compression ratio of 16:1 delivering 130 hp at 3750 rpm and 300 Nm of torque between 1600 to 2800 rpm. The Aluminum deep-skirt crankcase is designed to be significantly lighter yet capable of handling extremely high firing pressures to deliver lower weight and higher performance. The structural NVH features of the aluminium crankcase in combination with the other NVH measures integrated across the engine ensure to offer delightful NVH and refinement. The electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger that is integrated efficiently with the manifold contributes to the spirited performance with instantaneous response and Mahindra’s signature low end torque. the New Generation mHawk diesel engine ensures to  deliver 95% of its rated torque at an extremely low speed of 1250 rpm to make any off-roading a walk in the park. Designed to have one of the world’s lowest internal friction and integrated with many other light-weight and state-of-the-art features, the mHawk engine is all set to revolutionize the diesel space in the country, once again.

In addition, the engine uses extremely high-end technologies such as selective catalyst reduction (SCR) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) to ensure cleanest possible exhaust emissions.

With six indigenous patents filed in the mStallion and an additional four in the New Generation mHawk, the technical supremacy of both these engines ensure a spirited and unchallenged performance of the All-New THAR.

  • 6 Speed Torque Converter Automatic Transmission  

Mounted longitudinally, the all-new Thar uses a six-speed torque converter automatic transmission sourced from the internationally renowned engineering firm AISIN.  It makes driving in city or out on the highway a relaxing affair. The high torque engine when mated to the torque converter system results in effortless off-road performance. With superior torque multiplication capabilities and inherent crawl functionality, the all-new Thar automatic will rewrite the rule book when it comes to on-road and off-road performance.

  • 6 Speed Manual Transmission

Mahindra chooses to design, engineer and build its robust and proprietary six speed manual transmission systems inhouse. Engineered to world class standards, the manual transmission will form the staple of the all-new Thar range. Designed to optimize fuel economy with a dual overdrive 5th and 6th speed ratios, the 6R320 has proven itself in the field in its current avatar on the Scorpio in India. Integrated with the cable shift arrangement, the 6R320 is poised to offer a sleek, effortless, vibration-free and precise shifting with reverse lift-up feature.

Everyday Comfort and Convenience

  • Composite Hard Top, Convertible Soft Top and Fixed Soft Top Options

A purpose built hard top or a flamboyant convertible soft-top that can be lowered manually in a matter of minutes. The all-new Thar is designed to suit the Adventure lifestyle be it comfortable long-distance touring or panoramic open top motoring. Also available is an optional fixed soft top with removable side facing seats.

  • Removable Doors

The open-air experience of the All-New THAR is improved further by removable doors that are engineered for easy removal just by undoing three fasteners. With the Center console mounted Controls for the power windows and instrument panel mounted speakers, you can get rid of the doors with no compromise on entertainment or convenience. A quick release electrical coupler for the door wiring harness that can be stowed away makes the door removal process easy.

  • Infotainment With Apple Car Play And On-Board Navigation

Connectivity and convenience at your fingertips with the all-new 17.7 cm touch screen infotainment that features Apple Car Play with integrated voice command. The system also features on-board navigation in case the vehicle moves out of mobile network coverage. Also available are dual USB ports and hands-free Bluetooth connectivity. The system uses six speakers with four located on the roof and two located on the instrument panel ensuring that the speakers are functioning even with the doors removed.

  •  First-in-Class Adventure Statistics Display

The all-new Thar now showcases vital information on what the vehicle is currently doing. This includes but is not limited to Gear Position, Engine speed, 4WD Mode, Roll and Pitch Angles, Power, Torque, Compass Heading and a G-meter. This data can be conveniently pushed to social media handles to showcase one’s latest conquest.

  • First-in-Class Adventure Connect

Over the years, enthusiasts and likeminded individuals have found Mahindra Adventure to be a gateway to experience their machines in the elements that they were built and tested for. With an all-conquering sprit and a willingness to get lost, customers of the all-new Thar will find it even more simple to reach out to the Mahindra Adventure team. The all-new Thar will offer a built-in event calendar showcasing the upcoming events schedule. One can even register their interest to join the event from their all-new Thar.

  • Instrument Cluster With Multi-Color Driver Information Screen

A host of new features demand a sophisticated driver information system that would keep the user up to date on vehicle parameters such as 4×4 Power Flow Display, Tyre Direction Monitor, Gear Shift Recommendation, Instantaneous Fuel Consumption, Distance To Empty; to name a few. The all-new Thar instrument cluster offers a color 8.89 cm TFT multi information display flanked by a tachometer and speedometer.

  • IP 54 Dust and Water-Resistant Switch Gear

To meet the demands of the adventure lifestyle of our customers, the cabin on the all-new Thar is equipped with IP 54 dust and water ingress protected switches for the audio and cruise control switches on the steering wheel, the infotainment system and the power windows.

  • Sporty Seats

The all-new Thar features commanding seating position to maximize visibility. The body-hugging first row seats feature aggressive bolstering to hold the occupant in place during off road use. The seats also feature adjustable lumbar support for first row occupants and height adjust for Driver. The co-driver seat can tip and slide with a single touch to allow easy access to and from the second row. With adjustable head rests available in all the seats, the second row front facing seats can also recline and split fold for added utility. Optional removable side facing seats are available for enhanced versatility.

  • Washable Floor With Drain Plugs

The all-weather floor mats are easily washable. The floor features drain plugs that can be removed to wash the floor after an adventure.

  • LED Daytime Running Lamps and LED Tail Lamps

Signature LED daytime running lamps are optional while LED tail lamps are offered as standard.

  • Extra Large Outside Rear View Mirrors With Electric Adjustment

Excellent Safety

  • Crash Safety Compliant Structure With Integrated Roll Cage and 3 Point Seat Belts

With a completely new 3rd Generation chassis and new body design, the all-new Thar complies to all applicable safety regulations including Frontal offset crash at 56 kmph, Pedestrian safety (Head and upper leg form impact). An internal roll cage is available along with three-point seat belts with load limiters and dual locking tongues on hard top and convertible top variants.

  • Dual Airbags

Driver and co-driver airbags are available as standard on all variants.

  • ESP With Vehicle Dynamics Control and Roll Over Mitigation

Redefining the off-road vehicle arena, the all-new Thar features Electronic Stability Program with Vehicle Dynamics Control offering a safety net that ensures that the vehicle stays within control even if pushed to the limits.

  • Hill Hold And Hill Descent Control

The vehicle is equipped with hill hold control to prevent roll back when moving off from standstill on steep inclines. Similarly, hill descent control can be activated to maintain steady progress while traversing downhill.

  • ISOFIX Child Seat Mount Anchors

Ensuring that even the youngest of adventurers stay safe, the all-new Thar is available with dual ISOFIX child seat mounting points on the second-row front facing seat.

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

The on-board tyre pressure monitoring system monitors the air pressure and tyre temperatures continuously, that can be seen on the infotainment or the Bluesense application on smart devices.

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