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  • This initiative grants customers access to CCTV footage of the duration in which their meal is prepared
  • Regular COVID-19 screening, frequent and mandatory sanitisation and an internal personnel tracking app are other measures undertaken by Burger Singh

Chennai, NFAPost: The homegrown brand of burgers, Burger Singh, has announced a new initiative that aims to show customers how their order is cooked. This initiative is the final leg of a campaign called Your Safety First, which was launched by Burger Singh to ensure the safety and security of its customers at every stage of the value chain, from raw material at the warehouse to the order at the customer’s doorstep. 

Hygiene and safety have been an essential driver and the biggest influencer of consumer decisions in the food and beverage space. The pandemic has further reinforced the need for proper safety measures, and almost all types of eateries are taking necessary precautions like staff temperature checks, frequent sanitisation, cross ventilation, etc. Burger Singh has also implemented these measures.

Every Burger Singh employee practices social distancing, and is screened for COVID-19 every 10 days. The employees undergo COVID antibody tests regularly, and the company keeps track of employee movement through an internal app to reduce the risk of infection, Burger Singh said.

The homegrown fast-food brand has remained at the forefront with its safety measures and initiatives to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Besides the necessary precautions like masks and shoes cover, proper ventilation, hand, delivery vehicle, restaurant and warehouse sanitisation, Burger Singh employees live in shared accommodation together, so they do not risk getting infected.

To ensure contactless deliveries, Burger Singh has switched entirely to online modes of payment, and the order is left at the doors of the customer. The customer receives the food, a sanitiser pouch and the bill along with the details of the staff members (Name, body temperature, etc.) who either prepared or handled their order, it added.

“Burger Singh remains committed to the safety and security of its customers. At Burger Singh, we believe in utmost transparency, and as a final edition to our initiative, Your Safety First, we are giving customers direct access to our CCTV cameras to assess the quality and safety measures by their own eyes,” said Burger Singh CEO and Co-founder Kabir Jeet Singh.

As an added assurance to its customers, the chain has opened up its kitchen for the customer to see. The customer can get access to the footage by visiting and entering the order ID they received while ordering from either Burger Singh, Zomato or Swiggy.

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