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Coralogix expands its India operations with a new AWS Mumbai region to help companies comply with the upcoming security law

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Israel based Coralogix, provider of leading ML-powered log analytics and monitoring solution, announced a strategic expansion into India to provide its customers with its first local Amazon Web Services (AWS) regional server support and data storage capabilities.

By localising data, Coralogix will help customers meet compliance requirements for India’s new data privacy laws and dramatically improve service performance. Coralogix is also rolling out an onsite team to provide comprehensive sales and customer success support to India-based companies.

Commenting on company initiative, Coralogix CEO and co-Founder Ariel Assaraf said with today’s strategic move, Coralogix is proactively addressing new Indian data privacy laws scheduled to take effect in 2021.

Domestic companies

“Coralogix will be providing customers with a solution well ahead of most of our competitors. When the new laws are enacted, we anticipate a profound sense of urgency for companies who fall under domestic compliance rules to store their data locally and avoid being penalised for non-compliance,” said Coralogix co-Founder and CEO Ariel Assaraf.

Coralogix was founded in 2015, with the aim of making unmanageable log data manageable. Led by its Cofounder and CEO Ariel Assaraf and Cofounder and CTO Yoni Farin the company has made simpler open-source code and cloud computing for small and medium-sized companies to create large-scale production environments. 

Cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology companies that collect user data will be most notably affected by these new laws and stand to benefit from today’s expansion announcement. 

Several regional brands operating within these industries have already signed on as Coralogix customers including Postman, Jupiter Money, BookMyShow and more.

Customisable solution

Jupiter Money Vice President-Engineering Jayesh Sidhwani said Coralogix gives a highly customisable SIEM solution that addresses the very specific needs of our FinTech environment.

BookMyShow DevOps Lead Pranav Kapoor said Coralogix solution can make every one lives easier and it is evident within minutes started seeing results on the dashboard.

“We’ve integrated the Coralogix webhooks with our Kubernetes deployments to automatically tag new versions as they’re deployed. I love that I can archive logs to an S3 bucket for later retrieval,” said BookMyShow DevOps Lead Pranav Kapoor.

Postman Chief Software Architect Bhattacharya said he worked closely together to get the workflows need as an organisation to ensure that the product delivery meets the quality and value requirements.

Log analytics

Coralogix’s team worked closely with their counterparts at Amazon when launching the expansion. Coralogix is a log analytics platform that empowers DevOps teams to autonomously manage and analyse log data in cloud applications.

The platform’s machine learning engine enables users to reach faster time to market, avoid customer attrition and accelerate their version delivery without compromising quality or stability.

The company has come up with a solution to handle the situation of too many logs to deal with and how to search it to cull necessary information. Coralogix’s machine learning-powered log analytics solution automatically clusters millions of log records back into their patterns and finds connections to form the baseline flows of each software individually.

Coralogix helps over 1000 companies to get a grasp on their log data and proactively solve their production problems. Its clients include Payoneer, BookMyShow, and PayU use Coralogix to power their businesses. 

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