Xobin Launches Standardized Assessments and Interviews for Remote Recruitment
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Bengaluru, NFAPost: Xobin, a Remote Recruitment and Skills Assessment company, has launched a suite of remote-recruitment tools, including its industry-leading AI proctored skill tests, standardized assessments, psychometric tests, coding tests, pair programming, and video interviewing under its new monthly subscription plans starting at 99USD. The complete pricing details are listed here.

Remote Screening with Standardized Assessments

Xobin, to date, has over 30,000 questions created for 650 different white collar jobs. These questions assess over 1900 different skills ranging from General Aptitude, Design Thinking, Coding Skills, Digital Marketing Skills, Sales Skills, Customer Support Skills, Finance, Accounting, Operations, HR, Product Management, and various other business functions.

On top of this, Xobin has crafted a few standard assessments which can be used for High-stakes Testing. Xobin’s Proctoring AI virtually invigilates all these standardized tests. Below mentioned are some of the standardized tests.

XGAT – Xobin General Aptitude test

XGAT provides a way to assess an applicant’s ability to use logic to solve complex problems. It is the innate, learned, or acquired ability of an individual to perform specific tasks. It helps assess an Individual’s capacity for learning in general, regardless of any specific skill.

XWPT – Xobin Workplace Psychometric test

The XWPT online test measures a person’s probability to act and behave in a specific way on key job-related competencies. It focuses on a person’s strengths and growth opportunities.

XSAT – Xobin Sales ability test

The XSAT online test measures personality traits critical to success in sales and sales-related fields such as customer service, sales management, marketing, and public relations.

XMAT – Xobin Managerial ability test

The XMAT Test assesses a candidate’s skills pertaining to his or her ability to perform a managerial role. The analysis focuses on those interpersonal, intrapersonal, and professional skills critical for success as a manager across industries, sectors, organizations, and job profiles.

XEAT – Xobin Emotional ability test

The Xobin Emotional Ability online test assesses candidates’ several aspects of emotional intelligence and suggests the real character of the candidate.

XPAT- Xobin Programming Ability Test

The XPAT is designed to help employers hire high competency programmers. This is a standardized test that measures a candidate’s abilities to learn and apply the skills necessary to be a successful programmer.

Guruprakash Sivabalan, Founder & CEO of Xobin, said, “Each standardized assessment has been administered to 50,000 candidates across different geography, experience, age and skill levels to ensure that the percentile score offered is statistically accurate.”

Video Interviewing the shortlisted Candidates

The tech community dearly misses whiteboard interviews. Xobin replaces this need with its highly interactive interview boards. Candidate and recruiter can come face to face and interact by solving problems from Xobin’s Test Library. The recruiters can further rate the candidate in real-time / score them post the interview by looking at the video recording.

Job interviews require much deeper and in-depth conversations, which becomes difficult with traditional Video Interviewing. Xobin’s Interview board helps overcome this issue.

Amrit Acharya, Founder & COO of Xobin, said, “Interviews have always been stressful and boring, we have re-invented the way job interviews happen over a video call.”

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