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· Bengaluru features in the Atlas of Digitalisation, a comprehensive guide on where cities stand today and how they can realize their potential focusing on Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity

· As the IT capital of India, Bengaluru is ideally placed to be a model of digitalization in India

Bengaluru, NFAPost: Cities in India can compete globally on parameters such as optimal use of resources, how we get around, ways to improve our productivity and wellbeing, according to the Atlas of Digitalisation, a data-driven index created by Siemens.

The Atlas compares the transformation of cities around the world. Each city’s unique challenges – including traffic congestion, water availability, and air quality – have been given scores based on digitalization readiness and digitalization potential.

Ease of doing business

Siemens Limited Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Sunil Mathur said many cities in India have a huge potential to improve the quality of life and ease of doing business.

“While each city has its own unique challenges, the Atlas of Digitalisation and its study of Bengaluru gives a good reference for other cities to further improve on their sustainability, mobility and opportunity parameters,” Siemens Limited Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Sunil Mathur.

Siemens Limited Head of Smart Infrastructure Robert H K Demann said Siemens has the digital technology innovations and extensive global expertise to transform cities.

“While Bengaluru is part of the Atlas of Digitalization, we are engaging with stakeholders in multiple cities across India to implement integrated smart infrastructure solutions,” said Siemens Limited Head of Smart Infrastructure Robert H K Demann.

Fastest growing cities

Bengaluru features in the Atlas of Digitalisation along with global cities like Berlin, Buenos Aires, London, Singapore, Dubai, Johannesburg, Los Angeles and Taipei. It is one of the world’s fastest growing cities, with a 47% surge in population density over the last ten years.

Home to a third of India’s science and technology talent, it has the highest employability rate in the country, with a large proportion of tech-savvy early adopters. This gives Bengaluru a strong appetite to build a city that symbolizes the world-leading services it delivers across the globe.

Siemens has already implemented digital solutions for city infrastructure. The company is partnering with the airport’s operators to deliver an extensive range of proposed projects.

A cloud-based IoT operating system is set to optimize operational efficiency and passenger experience across diverse aspects such as building management and intelligent baggage handling. Services such as Siemens City Air Management monitor air quality and provide five-day forecasts that can help cities to protect residents.

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