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Chennai, NFAPost: Consumers prefer online shopping for every day essentials such as groceries (55%), household (49%), and medicines (44%), and also 40% of consumers actively searched online for travel deals, and 60% consider buying personal vehicles online, according to Deloitte Global State of the Consumer Tracker.

As part of Deloitte’s analysis based on its consumer survey update over 90 days, the Indian consumer appears to be tech-savvy, convenience seeker and one who has evolved to be socially conscious amidst induced social distancing and resultant isolation. Driven towards being future-ready, safe and health focused, the consumer is seen embracing digital channels to fulfil demands of procuring goods, conserving cash as well as to make selective choices for leisure and entertainment.

Global State of the Consumer Tracker uses survey insights fielded using an online panel where consumers over 18 years old are invited to complete the questionnaire (translated into local languages) via email. The first survey was conducted during the week of April 13, 2020 across 18 countries targeted 1,000 per country/wave, and designed to be nationally representative of the overall population in each market.

According to the survey, discretionary spends online have gone up because of increased demand to buy apparel (53%) and electronics (50%) via e-commerce. Consumers’ spends on mobile internet (52%) and digital entertainment (36%) will continue to go up as compared with the last four weeks.

Speaking on the Global Consumer Tracker, Deloitte India Partner and Leader, Consumer Industry, Porus Doctor, said, “COVID-19 has shifted the focus of Indian consumers towards an online digital experience even as organisations are redefining their business operations to make the last mile delivery seamless and by ensuring safety and hygiene to meet the new expectations of the consumers.”

“We are already seeing consumer-facing companies adopting automation to better manage their stocks by reducing congestion in stores, and restocking efficiently. Using online channels, consumer expectations for seamless shopping experience are poised
to grow and companies are fast catching up with this eventuality,” he added.

Also, the survey shows that 79% of Indians like to keep their current vehicles longer than originally expected. Emerging consumer persona shows 71% as convenience seeker and 73% as socially conscious while 69% buy more from locally sourced items with #vocalforlocal sentiments. With the fear of limiting public transportation (81%) or ride-hailing services (75%), the intent of respondents to buy their next vehicle online up by 60%.

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