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Automated Kiosk With Temperature Monitoring, Hand Sanitisation

It Combines Two Crucial Steps With Zero Human Interference

Mumbai, NFAPost: In response to massive Covid-19 pandemic containing efforts, Aar-em Electronics Pvt Ltd has unveiled SANI-SCAN, an automated kiosk with temperature monitoring tools and user hand sanitization all in one which can be completed without any human interference.

Pune based Aar-em Electronics Pvt Ltd came up with the idea of SAN-SCAN as the country is facing large scale demand for temperature monitoring, and hand sanitizing by various organizations to find ways to protect guests and employees from this dreaded virus.

The current nationwide mantra is proactively and properly washing hands, and practicing at least 6 feet of Social Distancing, which will help you and people around you to stay safe & healthy.

Also, many establishments and offices have resumed operations following an extended lockdown, but they still need to enforce Social Distancing rules and identify people with high and abnormal temperatures. 

SANI-SCAN is equipped with non-contact infrared sensors that determine a user’s presence and displays their body temperature. If the temperature is within an acceptable range, the kiosk lights up the GREEN indicator and the session ends, enabling the user to now sanitise his hands to stay safe and clean from infections.

If the temperature surpasses the threshold, the RED indicator lights up alerting an alarm to make sure that the user is manually scanned under medical supervision or by an attendant.

This touch-less version of the kiosk does a temperature check along with automatic hand sanitizing by dispensing the appropriate amount of sanitizer, just enough to stay clean and avoid unnecessary wastage.

The intelligent interactive station is NOT a medical device and does not serve in a diagnostic capacity yet overcomes the problem of identification in a fast and effective way.

Aar-em Electronics Pvt Ltd is a 25 years old company with its expertise in the manufacturing of reliable & high-quality UPS systems, backed by a sound nationwide/PAN India customer service support network. The company’s flagship USP brand is CHAMPION UPS. Started in 1989, the company has carved a niche for itself in the manufacturing of high-quality UPS systems and other power-related electronics equipment. 

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