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Helps businesses in India to deal with onboarding challenges being faced during the Covid-19 lockdown scenario

Bengaluru, NFAPost:
First Advantage, leading global background screening firm, announced the launch of its new Digital Onboarding, a solution for a faster, simpler and compliant candidate onboarding process.

Given the current scenario in the recruiting market, candidate’s traditional onboarding process has slowed down considerably and become operationally challenging for both enterprise and medium-size companies.

Digital Onboarding is a solution for any organization in order to adhere to social distancing norms.

The service assures efficient online onboarding of the candidate, removes the hassle of paperwork and further eliminates the need of the candidate’s physical presence.

Digital onboarding

Digital Onboarding is a one-stop solution for onboarding and background verification for the candidate recruitment process. It is configurable and customizable to accommodate the organization needs. With the help of intuitive forms a ready joining kit is generated to align with the organisation’s onboarding format.

The solution also helps the organisation to set up digital signatures in order to capture a candidate’s signature on the online joining kit. Upon completion of the process, the supporting documents can be downloaded anytime from the portal.

First Advantage India Vice President & Head Commercial Amit Singh said for any organisation, possessing the right tools for a smooth onboarding is a necessity in these challenging times.

Innovative solution

“First Advantage always believe in finding innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the recruitment teams, and the launch of this Digital Onboarding solution is yet another step in that direction. It is designed to provide scalability and flexibility to help improve an organization’s operational efficiencies,” said First Advantage India Vice President & Head Commercial Amit Singh.

First Advantage India Vice President & Head Commercial Amit Singh said the solution enhances a candidate’s experience during the onboarding process in a compliant and efficient manner.

The first advantage has incorporated the universally compliant digital signature technology to eliminate the need for a candidate’s physical presence at the workplace while providing a high level of scalability & flexibility to employers. The service is immediately available to its current and prospective customers at

Search and service

First Advantage is a winning combination of searches and service that provides insights to reduce risk while improving the quality of the talent and the reliability of the renters, standing out in the tech industry as a whole.

The first Advantage achieves success through innovation – whether that means innovative product development or enhancement to the candidate experience. Powering this through agile transformation, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, products for the next generation employees – monitoring, fraud, facial recognition, and many others.

As a trusted partner to over 35,000 organisations, First Advantage has offices in 26 locations across 14 countries and conducts 71 million international background screens.

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