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Amritsar, NFAPost: In view of Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure improved indoor air quality, Greenply Industries has announced that it has brought in its California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified and compliant zero emission Green Gold Platinum Plywood to the market for its discerning customers. 

(CARB) is the “clean air agency” in the government of California. Being a CARB compliant product means that the Green Gold Platinum Plywood has been manufactured in compliance with CARB air pollution rules and regulations and has attained and maintained all the parameters that ensure a healthy indoor air quality and protects the consumers from exposure to toxic air contaminants, the company said in a statement.

“The Breathe Healthy Green Gold Platinum Plywood combines health and durability of the highest quality and conforms to E-0 grade emission of Formaldehyde (European Standard) and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which makes it the best solution to improve the indoor air quality of our interiors and enable us to breathe clean and safe air,” the company said.

Image Source: Greenply Plywood

CARB standards are usually stricter than those required in other regions of the world and thus products which are CARB compliant are generally considered as one of the most environmentally friendly and safest products when compared to the many others, Greenply Industries said.

“With increasing awareness about the harmful consequences of air pollution on human health, consumers today are extremely concerned not only about their external environment but also about the Indoor Air Quality where they live. This rising concern pushed us to come with an innovative product which will be free from emission of any harmful gases and ensure a complete peace of mind for our consumers in the aspects of indoor air quality, and environmentally friendliness. Green Gold Platinum Plywood being a CARB compliant product, our consumers using it in their homes will now breathe clean and safe air,” said Sanidhya Mittal, Joint Managing Director of Greenply Industries.

The manufacturer of a comprehensive range of plywood, block board, decorative veneers, flush doors, and other allied products said that the Green Gold Platinum Plywood will be available in various standard thickness — from 4 mm to 25 mm with a warranty of 27 years.

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