Pocket HRMS Launches AI-enabled Attendance Management
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Bengaluru NFAPost: Pocket HRMS adopts the use of Artificial Intelligence-powered attendance system in HR space, which is based on facial recognition technology and an AI-enabled chatbot for attendance automation. This is a very powerful tool for HR professionals looking to boost productivity levels while keeping employees engaged.

Pocket HRMS Launches AI-enabled Attendance Management

The latest release of cloud-based Pocket HRMS enables remote working employees to update their location using interactive maps and Dynamic Geofencing. The AI-powered facial recognition software serves as a contactless biometric attendance system which saves the company from expensive attendance machine costs. smHRty, the AI chatbot, is further enhanced to answer employee attendance queries that facilitates quick turnaround and boosts satisfaction level of employees.

Geo-Tracking: This feature empowers the online attendance system with real-time employee punch location tracking. This feature along with face recognition makes it ideal to track employees working in the field such as sales.

WFH optimized: Effectively engage the company workforce that is working from home with an AI-enabled employee attendance system. Employees can share feedback or report problems through the chatbot. This makes smart attendance management more accessible to HRs and remote working employees alike.

Geo-Tagging: This feature allows employees to set their home location pin and quickly setup their geo fencing. This makes it the most adaptable means of e-attendance for tracking of remotely working employees.

HRMS Software that takes efficiency to the next level is our goal for professional HRs. The AI-powered face recognition-based attendance system is a step in this direction. Plus, smHRty can provide personal attention to employees whenever required and can serve as a crucial tool for employers looking for a seamless, robust, and smart attendance management system,” said Mr. Kumar Siddhartha, Managing Director for Pocket HRMS.

These features provide organizations with a biometric attendance system without any dedicated face detection hardware, by utilizing inbuilt smartphone cameras. This Artificial Intelligence based attendance management in HR domain is the result of a powerful combination of AI and machine learning that is developed to drastically improve efficiency across various productivity metrics.

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