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Bengaluru, NFAPost: At a time when the country is reeling under Covid-19 pandemic for business continuity, Bharti Airtel Ltd. (“Airtel”), India’s largest integrated telecom company, and Verizon, one of the largest communication technology companies in the world, announced a strategic alliance to bring secure, world-class video conferencing solutions to businesses in India.

As part of this partnership, Airtel will offer secure enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions under the brand name – Airtel BlueJeans – to enterprise customers in India. Companies across India are facing the challenge of communication during the time of lockdown and majority of their employees are work from home.

The advantage of Verizon’s enterprise-grade video conferencing service BlueJeans is that it helps people communicate and collaborate across mobile, desktop, browser and conference rooms. BlueJeans has also known the world over with a long-standing history of providing simple, reliable and trusted solutions, while meeting the stringent security needs of banks, healthcare providers and other organisations.

According to company sources, the video conferencing solution offerings also include a cloud point of presence in India enabling low latency and improved quality of service for India-based customers.

“The technology will be fully integrated with Airtel’s network, including its data centers, to ensure that customers are offered a state of the art, reliable and secure customer experience. Airtel BlueJeans will offer an integrated audio solution, giving its customers convenient dial-in options to join the meetings,” said a source privy to the development.

According to Arvian Research, India is going through a transformation phase where there is a massive surge in demand for enterprise-grade collaboration tools as Work From Home and virtual meetings become the new normal.

“Verizon-Airtel alliance in this regard will open up new opportunities for Indian companies to take on the current challenges. The transition from office-based work to work from anywhere is really changing the employee and employer relation. Here seamless and secure business collaboration will further build the synergy for the growth of the company and maximise the output of employees,” said Arvian Research.

Verizon Chief Executive Officer Hans Vestberg said companies of all sizes around the world have seen the requirement for reliable, high-quality video conferencing services and require trusted partners to ensure the highest level of security.

“We are proud to come together with Airtel to help more Indian organisations benefit from our world-class communication product during this work-from-home era and beyond,” said Verizon Chief Executive Officer Hans Vestberg.

Bharti Airtel Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Gopal Vittal said Airtel has always partnered with the best to deliver world-class services to its customers.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Verizon to bring Airtel BlueJeans to enterprise and SMB customers in India. Airtel BlueJeans is a highly differentiated video conferencing solution that sets the benchmark with its high levels of security and ease of use,” said Bharti Airtel Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Gopal Vittal.

Bharti Airtel Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Gopal Vittal said the company is looking forward to building a deep partnership with Verizon to serve the needs of emerging digital India.

BlueJeans’ enterprise-level security features include meeting lock, secure transmission and storage, randomized meeting IDs, participant passcodes, fraud detection, and a variety of authentication options.

The platform uses open, proven standards for security as well as the WebRTC and HTML5 standards for browser-based access, enabling users to participate in meetings and events without requiring software downloads, a key requirement in some secure environments.

The agreement initially covers BlueJeans Meetings, BlueJeans Events, BlueJeans Rooms and the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams.

(The story took input from VarIndia)

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