Founders Aditi Bhosale Walunj and Chetan Walunj
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  • The startup is backed by Ratan Tata
  • Founders seek Series A funding of $30 m
  • Repos has set its business target of manufacturing and selling 3,200 Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps this financial year
  • The IoT facility in Pune will generate more employment opportunities

Chennai, NFAPost: Doorstep diesel delivery startup Repos Energy, which is backed by Ratan Tata, is building Asia’s biggest Internet of Things (IoT) factory. It will be equipped with the latest technologies. This one-of-its-kind IoT facility in Pune, will generate huge employment opportunities.

The founders are seeking Series A funding of $30 million to build the world-class infrastructure

IoT is considered as the future of industries by many experts. With ever-developing network agility and advancement in artificial intelligence (AI), IoT is understood to have gained the enormous potential to deploy or orchestrate any kinds of operations or working systems.

Repos Energy’s vision is to change how all kind of energy is distributed in order to obviate the prevalent inefficiencies in the vertical of energy distribution in the country.

Repos is currently working to solve the persisting problems in the prevalent diesel distribution system of India by leveraging the latest developments in the IoT vertical. Repos has set its business target of manufacturing and selling 3,200 Repos Mobile Petrol Pumps this financial year.

“These special-purpose vehicles are changing the game of diesel distribution system in India by facilitating the doorstep delivery of diesel. This in turn will generate enormous employment opportunities. Our plan is to hire over 200 employees to expand our team in this fiscal year,” said Repos Energy Co-founder Chetan Walunj.

Repos Energy Co-founder Aditi Bhosale Walunj said, “We are working to develop world-class infrastructure in our facility which is located in Chakan region of Pune in Maharashtra. And to realise this dream, we are seeking Series A funding of $30 million this year.”

Repos Energy pays the utmost attention to all the security concerns with the help of using technological solutions, it said. With the help of IoT technology, the geo-fencing features help answer the security concerns by allowing the diesel delivery only in the premise of a registered entity on the Repos Mobile App.

Another interesting feature is that these RMPPs are designed to allow ‘over-the-air’ update features as well. This automates the software-enabled system updating process. Also, IoT devices are employed to gauge the health of the vehicle and share the same information with the concerned person. Thus the technology allows the operators to take care of things in nick of time and avert any obstruction in the service owing to the ill health of the vehicle. A number of different sensors are used in these special purpose vehicles that allow the monitoring and tracking of operations at the fingertips of the authorised person through a mobile interface.

“All these features enable Repos to make the pivotal shift from selling a product to the selling of an experience,” added Chetan.

These special purpose vehicles are designed and manufactured at the research, development, and manufacturing facility of Repos IoT. This facility, which is situated in Chakan area of Pune, Maharashtra, is spread in the expanse of more than 1,50,000 sq feet. The use of Industrial IoT helps in reducing the downtime of manufacturing a vehicle and also enables a great deal of customisation in order to suit the needs of a solution. Thus an IoT enabled assembly line not only helps in reducing the production costs but also helps in top-class production of the internet-enabled vehicles.

“The use of futuristic technologies like IoT in production has helped Repos in attracting top talent in the industry as the young and bright minds are inclined towards working on a technology that has the potential to influence all kinds of industries in the future. This has provided an exciting opportunity for the young as well as experienced industry personnel also to work with us on the latest technology,” said Repos Energy Co-founder Aditi Bhosale Walunj.

The Repos solution of online ordering of diesel and the doorstep delivery of diesel also opens up an opportunity of e-commerce in India.

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