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Zomato recently sent me an email with the following message to highlight the launch of its Contactless Dining services, amid the growing Covid-19 pandemic:

“In post lockdown times, you may be wary of eating out at restaurants. To help dispel your fears, we are introducing Contactless Dining with the aim of making your dining experience safer and more efficient by eliminating the use of high touch elements at restaurants.”

Zomato Contactless Dining Service Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

With the intent of taking customer satisfaction to a whole new level, the Contactless Dining service now offers you three new features: Contactless Menu, Contactless Order and Contactless Pay.

Contactless Menu enables you to scan QR code on the table to explore the menu while Contactless Order allows you to order using the digital menu on your own phone. Finally, Contactless Pay enables you to review the bill and pay digitally through your phone.

Such a Contactless-Dining experience eliminates the need for physical menu cards and bill books. Thereby, it paves the way for reducing unwanted interactions with the restaurant staff and minimising the spread of Covid-19.

“With features such as the ability to pay for yourself or for the entire table and order a second round right on the app, we want to ensure that your in-restaurant experience remains the same,” writes Zomato in its promotional email.

Unwanted interactions across the table can be avoided as the person who wants to sponsor the treat can simply place an order or revise (add to) the first order and also pay for the entire table in one shot.

“Contactless Dining is a step forward in the right direction for the restaurant industry; this will provide for a better and hassle free dining experience for customers, and also improve the economics of the restaurant industry – by helping bring down manpower costs, as well as reducing the table turnover time,” Zomato notes in its recent blog post.

Zomato Partner Restaurant Hygiene and Safety Practices

As part of its Safety and Hygiene Practices initiative, Zomato has introduced various safety features on its food delivery app in line with WHO recommended protocols in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic.

Here is the full list of safety and hygiene measures being implemented at all Zomato partner-restaurant outlets:

• Sanitized premise: Ensure frequent cleaning/disinfection of high touchpoints such as tables/door handles etc.
• Hand sanitization: Display alcohol-based hand sanitizers prominently around the venue or/and provide handwashing station to the users
• Food hygiene: Ensure that all raw meats, seafood, vegetables have been cleaned thoroughly before preparation.
• Table layout: Arranging tables at least one meter apart from each other
• Staff temperature check: Ensure daily temperature checks for the restaurant staff
• Staff hygiene and awareness: Staff is educated about precautions that are necessary to maintain hygiene in the restaurant. Staff will wash their hands thoroughly multiple times a day.

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