Profectus Capital Partners LeadSquared to Revolutionize SME Lending

Profectus Capital, a non-banking finance company (NBFC), has partnered with LeadSquared, a new age Lending CRM, to enhance borrower experience and streamline the disbursal process. 

Profectus Capital, backed by UK-based private equity firm Actis LLP aims at nurturing and financially empowering emerging small and medium businesses. Founded in 2017 by K.V. Srinivasan, Profectus lends to specific sectors such as health, education, food, pharmaceuticals, automobile components, chemicals & plastics.  

Since inception, Profectus Capital has tried to foster a customer-centric culture, rather than a product-centric one. As a part of this progressive, customer-first approach, came their decision to invest in LeadSquared. The motivation was simple – they wanted to not only understand borrower behaviour during the whole loan lifecycle but influence it as well.  

“With the number of choices available today, it is imperative to ensure that loans are disbursed fast, while ensuring a hassle-free borrower experience throughout. And if any lending institution fails to do so, they lose out on a potential customer,” says Zubeen Mehrotra, CBO, Profectus Capital. “When we started operations, we knew we wanted a robust digital solution that could cater to all our needs. Partnering with LeadSquared has not only helped digitize our complete lending cycle but has also reduced the operational costs while improving the customer service and support.”  

Profectus Capital has implemented LeadSquared to cater to their growing customer base. Not only has LeadSquared helped them improve their borrower experience – with intelligently crafted sales and customer journey workflows – but digitization at every possible step has made the process hassle-free. 

Additionally, LeadSquared assists the company in automating routine repetitive activities like lead distribution, prioritization, pre-screening checks and delivering sales reports. It has also helped in managing the Direct Selling Agents (DSA) and hence, increasing the efficiency of the team and improving the funnel quality.   

“One of our major concerns was the implementation time taken by any software. However, with LeadSquared, we were able to configure the tool in just a few days and go live in three weeks. That’s the kind of agility LeadSquared provides,” adds Vitthal Naik, CTO, Profectus Capital.  

“With the evolving competition and customer expectations, digital transformation in lending is the new reality of the market. In order to grow and stay ahead of the curve, it is important for lenders to reform the enormously complex outdated processes,” says Nilesh Patel, Co-founder and CEO, LeadSquared. “We are very proud to be associated with Profectus Capital, a lending firm which opted to go digital from day one. We look forward to helping Profectus Capital grow their business by empowering their teams and transforming their disbursal process.” 

With a one-stop solution to manage all teams and processes, Profectus Capital has been able to provide a seamless digital experience to their prospects and customers, while preserving the team’s bandwidth against redundant tasks. Ease of integration with multiple third-party systems ensures seamless loan approval. Using LeadSquared, Profectus has managed to identify unproductive resources, reduce borrower acquisition cost and increase operational efficiency.  

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