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Bengaluru, NFAPost: The whole of India is suffering from delivery of essentials products and services due to lockdown, but MyPetrolPump’s team has been working 24/7 to deliver fuel for fleet vehicles of companies such as Big Basket, Flipkart, Amazon and Big Bazar, Zomato, Dunzo and Grofers, among others.

“Our delivery team’s contributions are not visible because we don’t serve consumers directly, but we serve companies, who ultimately serve consumers. We are part of an effort chain in current crisis,” MyPetrolPump Co-Founder and CEO Ashish Gupta told NFAPost in an exclusive interview in Bengaluru.

MyPetrolPump provides on-demand-fuel-delivery-service to businesses for backup generators, fleet vehicles and industrial machinery use.

Fuel delivery means a mini mobile fuel station that can come to consumers place for delivering fuel to their vehicles or generators. In technical terms, it is called Mobile Refueling. The firm provides mobile refueling service at doorsteps of customers.

Lockdown impact

Ashish Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, MyPetrolPump.

MyPetrolPump also is working day and night to deliver the much needed fuel to hospitals and apartments too, which they have been doing since the inception, he said.

The demand for delivery has increased significantly during the lockdown, despite having a very small team, Gupta said.

“While we deliver fuel for generator for apartments, we delivery fuel for grocery delivery vehicles 24/7. We are helping to make sure, each hour by grocery delivery vehicles are used for delivery and not wasted to fuel the tank en-route,” he said.

“We have been sending our Refuelers (special vehicles) to their warehouses and refueling these grocery delivery vehicles, while these were loaded with grocery in the warehouse, saving time to refuel. We gave our bit to optimise the effort chain in current crisis,” Gupta said.

MyPetrolPump CEO also said the firm had not closed the service for a single day, and also, procured masks, sanitizers and all other essentials before lockdown.

Delivery company

The company also gave advance salaries to its operation staff including drivers, which could make Prime Minister Narendra Modi smile. The PM had requested the firms not to cut salaries of employees.

The company also provided temporary housing for all its delivery staff so that they don’t have to commute from their home to work and stay safe, Gupta said. “We also got Covid-19 health insurance for all our staff to make sure they are taken care well in-case of impacted,” he added.

MyPetrolPump was one of the very first delivery companies to receive permission from the government for delivery of essential products, Gupta said.

However, the firm faced challenges too during the lockdown. “One day one of our drivers while enroute to deliver fuel to some apartment, was stopped by a policemen at a junction and was treated with lathi on his back, but was let off after showing the government pass. This, however, did demotivate him and went ahead to delivery the fuel and came back to work next morning,” Gupta said.

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