Bengaluru, NFAPost: McAfee, a global leader in the device-to-cloud cybersecurity, announced the general availability of industry’s first proactive security solution McAfee MVISION Insights to bring a paradigm shift in cybersecurity by helping clients stop threats before the attack.

According to company sources, MVISION Insights provides actionable and preemptive threat intelligence by leveraging McAfee’s cutting-edge threat research, augmented with sophisticated Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to real-time threat telemetry streamed from over 1 billion sensors.

The integration of MVISION Insights significantly enhances the capabilities of McAfee’s award-winning endpoint security platform by managing the attack surface, preventing ransomware and aiding security teams to easily investigate and respond to advanced attacks.

It is interesting to note that recent internal research by McAfee found that over 90% of security teams feel that they are not proactively prepared for the emerging threat landscape.

McAfee advanced defences work with Windows Defender, Firewall, and Exploit Guard technologies, making them easier to manage with unified policies. MVISION Insights’s low false positives and out-of-the-box best practice policies bring in best collective defense.

Contextual threats

Even though a lot of threat intelligence feeds available in the market, customers are unable to find actionable and contextual threat intelligence. Above all, multiple siloed endpoint security tools are tiring down security teams who are struggling to enable their organizations to safely adopt the cloud for digital transformation. The integration of MVISION Insights into McAfee’s endpoint security platform is designed to eliminate some of the burdens on security operations professionals.

Commenting on the launch of the new product, McAfee Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer of Enterprise Business Group Ash Kulkarni said CISOs want an answer to a fundamental question on how truly protected they are against the latest adversarial campaign targeting their organization.

“Our latest endpoint security innovation, MVISION Insights, delivers the industry first actionable threat intelligence so organizations can preempt an attack rather than scramble to contain a breach,” said McAfee Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer of Enterprise Business Group Ash Kulkarni.

Fueled by insight

Intelligence lets customers respond to their environment and insights empower them to change it. MVISION Insights helps in providing full control over File, Fileless, and Zero-day Threat Defenses.

Local and cloud-based detections along with machine learning analyze the latest threats no matter how they attempt to avoid detection.A single pane of glass for Windows, McAfee, and third-party technologies, along with combined dashboards and policy management, help customers visualise threats and take action in less time.

Instead of reimaging or repairing an infected machine, MVISION Endpoint returns it to a healthy state. It blocks attempts to harvest user credentials, preventing potential breaches before they can begin.

INSIGHTS respond to the environment

Identify with Machine Learning

Leverage machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns to detect behaviors that cause security breaches far more quickly than humans.

Defend and Correct with Deep Learning

Incorporate layers of input and output nodes, similar to brain neurons, to build on machine learning to detect, protect, and correct old and new threats.

Anticipate with Artificial Intelligence

Like a human brain, AI considers value judgments and outcomes when determining good or bad and right or wrong.

MVISION Insights helps to deliver following key customer outcomes:

Preempt attacks by “shifting-left” (engaging early) in the attack lifecycle with security posture scores, configuration assessment and automated policies and updates

Prevent ransomware and other advanced malware with integrated native OS controls, behavioral blocking, exploit prevention, machine learning and file-less threat defense

Simplify investigation and response to sophisticated threat campaigns with unified Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities that include continuous monitoring, multi-sensor telemetry, AI-guided investigations, MITRE ATT&CK mapping and real-time hunting

Diminish the impact of an attack with enhanced remediation capabilities, which can roll back the destructive effect of a ransomware attack by restoring affected files and negating the need for system reimaging

Gain operational efficiencies with a cloud-delivered and unified endpoint solution that reduces total cost of operations and complexity

A single console gives visibility into threats and compliance. An easy-to-use dashboard and configurable alerts guide you to the most important data.

A smaller device footprint and balanced performance minimize the impact on users so they stay productive. Remove redundant policy management by creating McAfee, Windows Defender Antivirus, Defender Exploit Guard, and Windows Firewall policies in one motion.

Cloud-based SaaS management requires no on-site components to maintain and update. Endpoint defenses are signature-free and update automatically.


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