Bengaluru, NFAPost: Sony has announced a PlayStation Bug Bounty Program for the security research community, gamers, and anyone else to test the security of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network (PSN).

According to Sony blog post announcement, the programme is a broader initiative for the community in enhancing security for the product and recognise the valuable role of the community in that effort.

“The security of our products is a fundamental part of creating amazing experiences for our community, we recognize the valuable role that the research community plays in enhancing security, so we’re excited to announce our program for the broader community,” states Sony blogpost.

The company has tied up with HackerOne for the programme and is currently looking for bug reports in the PS4 system, OS, accessories, and PSN.

“At PlayStation, we strive to be the best place to play, and believe that the security of our environment is fundamental to that goal. We believe that through close partnerships with the security research community we can deliver a safer place to play,” states Sony.

At the same time, the company also announced that the last generation consoles like the PS3 and PS2 are not part of the bug bounty initiative.

Sony has divided the rewards into critical, high severity, medium severity, and low severity groups. Finding a critical bug in the PS4 will make one eligible for a reward starting at $50,000 (roughly Rs 38 lakh) while finding a high, medium, and low severity bug can get $10,000 (roughly Rs 7.5 lakh), $2,500 (roughly Rs 2 lakh), and $500 (roughly Rs 38,000).

On finding a critical bug in PSN Sony will pay $3,000 (roughly Rs 2.5 lakh) while finding a high, medium, and low severity bug the company will pay $1,000 (roughly Rs 75,500), $400 (roughly Rs 30,000), and $100 (roughly Rs 7,500) respectively.

Rival Microsoft had launched a bug bounty program for Xbox Live earlier this year.

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