Chennai, NFAPost: Greaves Cotton, one of the leading and diversified engineering companies in India, has announced the launch of its technologically advanced Smart Gensets ‘Greaves Genius – Smart Power Solutions’ which is available across 5kVA-1250kVA. 

Greaves is the first and only company to offer 5 Year warranty on full genset without any extra cost and is available across range from 10kVA to 500kVA. With this, it aims to enhance overall ownership experience with timely predictive & preventive checks thus yielding non-stop product performance for critical power backup applications. 

Greaves Genius comes with a high speed data transmitting smart device, which allows real-time tracking of all the related operations on Mobile Phone. The advanced analytics technology enables comprehensive health monitoring of the Gensets and can perform in-depth prognostic fault diagnostics.

This allows customers to get predictive maintenance service from Greaves with faster troubleshooting and hence lower MTTR (Mean Time to Restore) & increased Genset uptime. Complaints are automatically logged at the nearest service centre as soon as the Genset operations are interrupted.

This IOT enabled smart Gensets are also powered by Greaves1 mobile app, making it convenient for Gensets owners to track live data, automatic complaint registration, track fuel pilferage and proactive warnings on mobile much before the actual failure.

This is also highly beneficial for multiple Genset owners such as Rental business owners, retail chain, banks with multiple locations, large manufacturing plants, airports, among others. The 5-year free warranty on complete Genset is available in the range between 10kVA and 500kVA.

Commenting on the announcement, Greaves Cotton Limited President Non-Automotive Business Sunil Shahi said the company is excited to announce the launch of our smart Genset which comes with a 5 Year Warranty and manufactured indigenously at our state-of-the-art Greaves Manufacturing Plant in Pune.

We believe this innovative and advanced technology Genset will provide enhanced experience and saving to our customers across the country. Greaves is known for bringing smart, innovative yet affordable technology for the market and this is a testament to the same. We aim to support our growing customer base & enhance life cycle experience of our products in marketplace,” said Greaves Cotton Limited President Non-Automotive Business Sunil Shahi.

The Genius comes with a lot of advance features. It sends out alerts for fuel refills and lets customers see the fuel top-ups. It also detects fuel pilferage and allows the customer to see the cost per unit of electricity generated. Now customers can enjoy higher savings with tighter control on fuel utilization & control costs in post covid scenario. 

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