Riding the wave, Full stack Ecommerce enablement  start-up ANS COMMERCE anticipate to drive 2% retail e-commerce business  of India by 2026

New Delhi, NFAPost:: While COVID-19 has given challenging times to every sector and industry of the world. The retail sector will be witnessing a paradigm shift with brands eagerly looking to reconnect with their customers. Therefore, online presence is the new normal and a place for retail brands to carry on their journey in the face of the long pause.  More over   the brand store commerce will be the innovation twist in the retail sector.

Commenting on the  industry and the opportunities in this segment, CEO ANS Commerce Vibhor Sahare said retail have been immensely impacted owing to closure of malls.

“As people are not willing to step out of their homes to buy clothes and merchandise etc. second, rise of e-commerce in India has also posed challenges to the brands as they feel their connect with the consumers is diluting & their role getting upended by marketplaces,” CEO ANS Commerce Vibhor Sahare.

With newer models emerging, it’s all the more imperative for brands to preserve their identity and establish a direct link with their consumers. This goes hand-in-hand with leveraging the reach that marketplaces provide while managing it carefully so that both short term growth and long-term sustainability is ensured.

It is simply not feasible for the brands to engage with limited resources on the technology, product & operations front; they face multiple-faceted challenges across the e-commerce value chain, and the only way to make a real impact for the brands is an end-to-end solution so that the incremental benefits are truly compound.

Here, E-commerce enablement start-ups such as ANS Commerce, is emerging as a preferred partner for established brands as well as new age DTCs for  ‘all-things-ecommerce’ , bridging the gap and fulfilling the need of the retail brands to have full-stack e-commerce solutions.

“ANS Commerce enables brands to create their online brand store and jump start marketplace operations in no time. It has its own brand store platform – Kartify which is pre-integrated with 50+ partners including Unicommerce, Fynd, Delhivery, Paypal etc and also offers sales focused performance marketing; marketplace management and warehousing & logistics solutions for brands.” CEO ANS Commerce Vibhor Sahare.

CEO ANS Commerce Vibhor Sahare said the larger shift of brands to online have given an imputes to our volume as well and we foresee ANS to drive minimum 2% of all retail e-commerce sales in India.

Going by the numbers, Indian E-tail sector seems to have huge promises and in the next 18-20 months it will be over 6 % of the total retail volumes. Currently India’s retail e-commerce is approximately $40 billion and is expected to touch $160 billion by 2026 with brand-store commerce driving 5-10% of this industry with a compound annual growth of 50% offering a huge market for enablement.
 Currently ANS has created its own niche with 70+ (and growing) clients across sectors.

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