Chennai, NFA Post: Hyderabad based start-up TurboHire, an innovative Talent Acquisition Platform, has announced that Dr. Edwards Rogers, Chief Knowledge Officer at Goddard Space Flight Centre, Washington DC as its Mentor Advisor.

In his role, Dr. Rogers will help TurboHire to improve the world’s simplest job search and job application framework JustDropYourResume.com for candidates and fastest talent evaluation and consensus-driven hiring platform Turbohire for employers.  The new paradigm will have an impact at scale for 600 million workforce with 60 million in the organised sector in India.

As Chief Knowledge Officer, Goddard Space Flight Centre, NASA since 2003, Dr. Rogers has supported many pathbreaking initiatives such as satellite constellation to map entire earth.

“Our USP is to support organisations to manage their entire hiring operations on a single platform, source at an amazing speed on simplified JustDropYourResume channels, quickly identify the right talent and, conduct multi-directional communication to achieve confident and fast hiring decisions,” says Deepak Agrawal Founder TurboHire. 

The platform is available as easy-to-onboard PaaS/SaaS offering. It is in use at over 100 organisations and is being evaluated by some of the largest employers in India, the company release said. 

The firm is about 2-year- old and operates from DLabs Incubation Center at ISB, Hyderabad. It is founded by a team of IITians and NITians with prior experience in Microsoft, Google, ISB and Infosys.

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