Chennai, NFAPost: Global digital skills training provider Simplilearn has partnered with South Africa-based digital and IT solutions platform Deviare.

Through this collaboration, Simplilearn will offer digital skilling programmes in the field of Data Science, Cybersecurity, Cloud programming, and Full-stack Development for learners and corporations in the African market. As an authorised partner, Deviare will take Simplilearn’s digital training programmes to the entire region, enabling learners to gain from the company’s high-touch learning platform.

The partnership is expected to benefit over 10,000 learners who are now on the Deviare platform in the current financial year. These technical skilling programs are accredited by Media, Information, and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA) of South Africa.

Simplilearn already has a strong presence in the US, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and the United Kingdom. With this relationship, the company is expanding its footprint in the African continent too.

“Upskilling and reskilling of the workforce has become a global agenda along with other global subjects like climate change. The rapid evolution of technology and its integration into business operations has created new roles and opportunities. Organisations need to invest in skilling their workforce for these new roles to prepare for an increasingly digital future,” Simplilearn CEO and Founder Krishna Kumar said.

Through this partnership with Deviare, the company hopes to enable and catalyse the digital transformation journey of businesses from different sectors across Africa. This goal also aligns with the South African government’s mission of skilling thousands of professionals in the IT sector to prepare them for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

South Africa and the rest of the continent is on the brink of transformation ushered by Industry 4.0. According to a global report, this digital transformation will create 133 million new jobs across the globe with vast new opportunities for fulfilling people’s potentials. 

Deviare Co-founder and executive director Lubabalo Dyantyi said, “The debate on reskilling and upskilling is a global agenda. Governments and businesses are coming together to address the issues of building a relevant skilled workforce. Our collaboration with Simplilearn is coming at the right time. With this association, we aim to play a big role in helping businesses across Africa navigate their digital transformation journeys.”

As part of a recent programme initiated by the IT Ministry of South Africa, Simplilearn and Deviare together supported the skilling of over 500 IT professionals. The success of this programme has given a strong foundation for further upskilling programmes throughout South Africa, the company said.

Sharing his thoughts on this collaboration Dyantyi also said, “Last year, the South African Government debuted a large-scale multi-year project to train young people in data sciences, cloud architecture, and related skills as part of the country’s drive towards equipping itself with the skills needed to meet the Fourth Industrial Revolution head-on. We have produced around 180 data scientists, 200 cloud practitioners in both AWS and Azure, 159 data engineers, 40 learners who are now proficient in machine learning on Tensorflow, and 140 cybersecurity practitioners.”

With this strategic collaboration with Simplilearn, Deviare started working with Microsoft South Africa to deliver skills in Cloud Computing. Commenting on this initiative, Microsoft South Africa Executive Director for Corporate and Legal Affairs Siyabonga Madyibi said, “The vast majority of businesses in South Africa and across the globe are adopting cloud for at least some of their applications and workloads, and we recognise that the demand for skilled professionals in this field is skyrocketing. Cloud computing offers a wide range of options for skilled people and is becoming a sought-after capability, with Microsoft Azure skills topping the list. With this in mind, we have worked with Deviare to train more than 700 young people in cloud computing, with a focus on Azure. In addition, we have worked together to build digital mobile labs that enable remote access to training for those who previously were excluded due to geographic limitations”.

Simplilearn derives more than 50% of its revenues from its international operations. It has helped more than one million professionals across 150 countries to upskill and prepare for the digital future.

Based in San Francisco and Bengaluru, Simplilearn has helped more than one million professionals and 1,000 companies across 150 countries get trained, acquire certifications, and reach their business and career goals.

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